Pledge To the Environment

Pledge to the Environment

It may seem like an oxymoron to have an environmentally friendly tree company but that is what we aim to achieve. In doing this we are not just trying to put a green exterior on our company but to really limit the impact that we have on our future.

We will never be able to avoid all of our impact, but we feel it is our responsibility to take any steps we can to reduce that impact.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets have been an easy way for large companies to "go green". We do pledge to offset all of our carbon released by our saws, trucks, and machinery but we do not stop there. Because the best way of thinking is to reduce your output, thereby having less to offset.

Tree Planting

We also pledge to donate 1% of our gross profits to American Forests to replant trees. The great part about American Forests is that they run re-foresting projects right here in Alaska so that our money stays right here in the state.

Green Leaf Program

Our Green Leaf Program is a way for you to make a choice about how you conduct your business with companies. By choosing to participate, you will not receive a paper invoice or a receipt but instead we will e-mail you. This makes it more convenient for you as well as reducing the amount of paper we produce in a year.

Our business cards are also 100% recyclable and we use recycled paper wherever we can. If you wish to plant a tree we can help! For every dollar donated, we will sponsor the planting of one tree through American Forests.We also will take monetary donations that will be split up between the Arbor Day Foundation and American Forests.

We realize that you have a choice when picking a tree service. We hope that with our commitment to you and the environment, that it makes your choice a little easier!

Biodegradable Bar oil and 2-cycle mix

By using biodegradable bar oil and gas mix, this reduces the amount of petroleum products that will be released on your property. When cutting a large log into firewood length pieces, you can use up to 2 quarts of bar oil. This oil lubricates the bar but also gets left behind to leach into your soil once we are gone. We know that you wouldnʼt want us to just pour quarts of oil on your lawn so we use these vegetable based oils instead.